Super Ledgehop: Double Laser OST (Sylvysprit Side)

by Princess Sylvysprit

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null Song has a touhou-esque vibe to it and the high pace serves well for gameplay. Favorite track: Yuuto battle - Unlockable Girl ~ Star Azure Fantasy.
Marisa Nya
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Marisa Nya Yuuto is GOD
Shoutouts to Touhou Hell Favorite track: Yuuto battle - Unlockable Girl ~ Star Azure Fantasy.
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Super Ledgehop: Double Laser is a quirky top down action/danmaku game with rhythm elements, shoot on the beat to unleash stronger bullets!
Developer: LAME Dimensions
Release date: 16 November

This is all the songs i did for the game, the game has music from multiple composers.
Originally, i was only supposed to make 2 songs for the game, since the game was going to be a lot shorter, but Chair decided to extend it, so a lot of new songs had to be made.
I really like the gameplay, so i'm glad that it got made into a full polished game, it was pretty interesting to make music around the mechanics, because having rhythm-based gameplay gimmicks actually changes the way you have to compose the songs a lot, think about drums for example, you really have to make sure that every beat is "feelable" so that the player knows when their shots are more powerful, personally, i see this as a limitation i need to work around, i think it worked out pretty well, i'm happy with how the songs turned out, but my personal favourite is Yuuto's theme, because i have fond memories of it.
...Also, naming the tracks was fun, i love giving quirky games quirky song titles.

If you read this far, then thank you, i wish you a nice day~!


released November 16, 2018