Touhou: Phantasm of Eternity

by Princess Sylvysprit

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Touhou: Phantasm of Eternity

This is my first Touhou style inspired/influenced album.
I wanted this album to feel a little like nostalgic, like going back to the roots of what made Touhou music so magical and memorable for me.
This album is like a celebration of the old styles of Touhou music, as everything moves on, i think it's nice to look back sometimes and enjoy the past, so i wanted to bring the past back before i decide to move on.
These tracks are inspired by the Touhou songs from Touhou 12 and every game before that, including PC-98 games, i threw in various elements and also new experimental techniques to shake things up a little, but honestly, who am i kidding, those experimental elements are just there because i felt like doing that, and it sounded nice, so even if it isn't pure traditional Touhou style, i still think having some extra room for creativity provides more interesting results.

This album is a nod to everything i enjoy about Touhou, when i discovered Touhou music, i suddenly went from "i hate music" to "i wanna be a composer", i think that kind of magical feeling is what i tried to represent in these songs, the feeling of discovering something for the first time and using it as fuel to see life in a new way.
Of course i might be getting a little philosophical haha, but that's just my way of saying that i hope you enjoy it!

Now that this is done, i want to experiment a little more with broadening my style, so i think this will be the last time i ever make something purely Touhou focused in such a big amount (multiple songs at once i mean), but of course that doesn't mean i'll leave Touhou behind, Touhou music will always be a big inspiration to me, and i'll still do Touhou style songs for fun, but i also want to broaden my horizon a bit and try new things, since my goal is to be a professional video game composer, so look forward to that!

The album also has a Touhou-esque story, be sure to read the descriptions of the songs if you wish to read it.

I wish you a nice day, i hope that my music can make you feel something and make you feel inspired, best of luck in life~!

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released April 11, 2017

Princess Sylvysprit
Kiln Firelink (character portrait art for the YouTube videos of the songs)
Cryopon (album cover art)



Track Name: Unlimited Idol Festival ~ Do Dodo Dododo Do Dododo Dodododo Duuuuuuuuuu
do dodo dododo do dododo dodododo duuuuuuuuuu

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